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Off-Grid Outdoor Products is pleased to present our latest Off-Grid product - the Wood-Fired Aluminum Hot Tub. A quality product, designed with convenience, comfort and affordability in mind.

Made for the off-grid environment,where electricity or gas fuels are not needed, the Off-Grid Outdoor Products Aluminum Hot Tub is fabricated with quality marine grade aluminum where all seams are professionally welded to be leakproof, guaranteeing low maintenance. The tub is lined with an attractive fusion bond epoxy powder coating which means that your skin never comes in contact with bare metal. The epoxy powder coating also protects the aluminum from corrosion and makes cleaning very easy.

Our 6 foot diameter model includes bench seating (comfortable for four), a stove fence, two piece cover, and outer decorative planking which also provides insulation from heat loss, all made from attractive Western Red Cedar. Stainless steel hardware is used throughout to resist corrosion.

The Off-Grid Outdoor Products Aluminum Hot Tub is heated by an all stainless steel, efficient, wood burning AquafireTM stove, which can heat the water to a pleasant soaking temperature in just 2 hours. The stainless steel stove is completed with a UL listed "Selkirk" stainless steel insulated chimney to protect against accidental contact, and a stainless-steel rain cap with spark arrester.

Installation is quick and easy... simply carry to a level place with a great view, fill with water (fresh or salt water), fill the stove with wood and light!

Now, sit back and relax - no matter what the conditions outside - and feel the warmth and comfort of your Off-Grid Outdoor Products Aluminum Hot Tub.
Aluminum Hot Tub with Stainless Steel Stove
Manufacturers List Price: $5800 CDN (plus applicable taxes, FOB Surrey, BC Canada)
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